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As the priorities and mindsets of customers and the workforce at large continue to shift, it’s more important than ever for workplaces to stay responsive and competitive. We spoke with Jamion Hartley, Irvine Company Senior Leasing Manager in Chicago, to illuminate the current state of the market in the Windy City and what customers are looking for from their workplace today.

71 South Wacker
The Exchange at 71 South Wacker

Amenitized workplaces that put culture first

“The question on everyone’s minds these days is how to encourage employees to return to the workplace. As customers establish their short- and long-term workplace strategies, they’re tasked with creating magnetic spaces that employees are excited to return to. And we’re hearing from companies observing hybrid work models that their in-office time is utilized to onboard new hires, collaborate across teams, and build connections.

Prioritizing the employee experience has led customers to seek out highly amenitized workplaces to attract, engage and retain talent. At One North Wacker and 71 South Wacker, we’re looking forward to opening Kinsley by Fairgrounds and FARE later this summer and providing our customers — and the neighborhood — with more options to refuel, recharge and reconnect. The spaces are phenomenal, and you can feel the anticipation.”

Amenitized workplaces that put culture firs
Kinsley by Fairgrounds at One North Wacker

Flexible, future-proof leases

“Customers are strategically taking advantage of our Flex Workspace+® program to secure high-quality workspace in a Class A building, with the flexibility and personalization to meet their evolving needs and scale as they grow.

As forever owners committed to reinvesting in our workplaces and providing exceptional service, we make life easier throughout the life of the lease — no matter how long it is. That certainty and dependability have been crucial to both new and existing customers.”

Flexible, future-proof leases
Two-story riverfront terrace at 300 North LaSalle

Prioritizing sustainability

“As more and more companies strive to meet their net-zero carbon targets, we’re seeing a notable interest in how sustainable our workplaces are. They want to know what’s going on in the building and how their footprint affects the environment — sustainability isn’t just ‘check the box’ criteria anymore. It’s a priority.

Investing in and maintaining LEED Platinum, UL, and WiredScore certification for all three of our Chicago workplaces has always been a priority. In fact, 300 North LaSalle is one of a select few buildings that utilize the Chicago River for cooling to reduce energy use and operating costs. These are exceptionally important standards that give our customers the peace of mind that they are providing their employees with the most sustainable, technology-forward workplaces.”

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