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At Irvine Company, workplace health and wellness is always top of mind. We’re proud to support wellness by providing pristine workplaces with proven indoor environmental quality. For us, workplace wellness also includes supporting the physical and mental health of our customers.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Chicago-local meditation center (and app provider), Chill Anywhere, to give customers access to live meditation, mindfulness, and yoga classes wherever they’re at. We spoke with Chill Anywhere Co-Founder and CEO, Laura Sage, to unpack the full scope of this offering and how customers can best take advantage.

Meditation, Mindfulness and Yoga — At Your Fingertips

Chill Anywhere meditation center is hyperlocal, located just around the corner from our building, 300 North Lasalle. In addition to their meditation center, Chill Anywhere also created the Chill Anywhere app, which makes their services available anytime, anywhere. 

Irvine Company in Chicago partners with Chill Anywhere to provide all three of our building’s customers with live class sessions on the Chill Anywhere app. Through these live and on-demand sessions, customers can enjoy taking sessions together — even while apart. 

Sage shares an example: “At the beginning of the year, Irvine Company and Chill Anywhere hosted a session focused on intention setting.” In this virtual Meditation Workshop, the Chill Anywhere guide walked customers through steps on how to set intentions in order to achieve their goals, paired with a meditation session at the end. Past sessions have included mid-workday yoga breaks and meditation workshops centered on building resiliency. To find out about upcoming classes, follow Irvine Company Chicago on Instagram.

The full Chill Anywhere app includes 24/7 access to an extensive library of meditation, mindfulness, and yoga sessions led by world-class instructors. With their emphasis on workplace wellness, Chill Anywhere videos cover topics such as “stress and anxiety, leadership, focus and getting better rest,” according to Sage. Customers interested in using Irvine Company’s exclusive discounted rate for full app access should reach out to the building’s property management team.

The Power of Chill Anywhere

Meditation and mindfulness provide a powerful boost to customers’ overall work and life. “Taking just a few minutes to breathe, move or otherwise focus on the present moment can be very constructive for the rest of your day. When you take those 5-10 minutes to meditate, I promise you’ll get that time back in multitudes elsewhere,” says Sage. 

“Just like going to a gym encourages physical wellness, practicing mindfulness cultivates mental wellness. You’ll see the impact of your mindfulness practice in reduced stress and anxiety levels, increased focus and productivity, boosted creativity and collaboration, you name it,” Sage explains. 

With the tumultuous events of this past year, the stakes are higher than ever for workplace wellness. So many of us are experiencing stress and fatigue. Irvine Company is proud that our partnership with Chill Anywhere equips customers with the necessary tools to help combat that and to turn each day into a healthy, happy, empowered one. 

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