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In 2020, it’s become more important than ever to have a landlord built on a solid foundation and strong principles. Since our entry into the Chicago marketplace in 2010, Irvine Company has remained committed to forever ownership — and it’s this commitment that sets us apart from the rest. We spoke with Maggie Brophy, our Director of Leasing, to unpack the significance of forever ownership, high-quality assets, and flexibility in today’s market. 

Built on Forever Ownership

Irvine Company’s promise of forever ownership means we are committed to our buildings long-term, providing workplaces that continually get better, all the while taking a human-centric approach. “This perspective stands out to customers,” says Brophy. “It’s what sets us apart as a standout owner. Because we care for our assets forever, and there are no outside investors involved, we have unparalleled degrees of freedom in the marketplace.”

These days, your perspective as an owner matters. “Customers are much more interested in who their landlord is, and what ownership means to them — not just in good times, but especially during bad times when businesses are impacted and strategizing becomes critical,” explains Brophy. “We’ve heard from tenant reps that customers want to know who their landlords are because the nature of these relationships is more important than ever. If the going gets tough, will their landlord be steadfast and supportive? Irvine Company can say that yes, we will be.” 

The Future Workplace

Priorities have shifted during 2020 — facing COVID-19, companies are now concerned with how they can return to the workplace when the time is right, while feeling informed, equipped with the right resources and, above all else, confident. “Coming back with confidence is a huge priority,” reflects Brophy. “Irvine Company has gone above and beyond to gather statistics and measurable evidence that the approaches we’re taking are best-in-class. We’ve collaborated with UCI Health to implement successful workplace wellness solutions, from increased cleaning protocols to optimal air filtration and ventilation. We’ve also become the first in the nation to have our workplaces designated as Verified Healthy Buildings by global safety science leader UL.”

Forever ownership also means we’re committed to investing in solutions that best meet customers’ needs. With the marketplace constantly evolving, many companies are seeking flexible officing solutions to keep pace. “Irvine Company has amped up our Flex Workspace+ program to help meet customers where they’re at with customizable design and short-term lease options,” says Brophy. “We aren’t just building to a trend that’s going to be relevant today or tomorrow — these are timeless spaces and solutions that will work for myriad of customers to come.”

Brophy goes on to say, “This timeless approach exemplifies that Irvine Company is thinking about longevity. We’re not reactive; we’re proactive, thoughtful, and strategic with everything we do. Our role as forever owners means that we have the luxury of spending more time to deploy solutions that are meant to build lasting success, for us and our customers.”

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