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When our team designed Pathline Park in Sunnyvale, we committed to preserving the site’s mature redwood and cedar trees. Our team envisioned a modern campus designed for wellness, where half the site’s 42-acres would be dedicated to open space. 

Preserving mature trees is no easy task. Our construction and development teams worked closely with our landscape architects and arborists to create an inspiring natural environment for wellness and connection.

How to Design a Future-Ready Workplace in Nature 

The preservation of even one tree can be a challenge when developing a building site, much less 250 trees. But with a strong commitment to protecting Pathline Park’s mature landscape, our teams found creative solutions that enhanced Pathline Park’s natural environment. 

The process started early during the design phase. Modern infrastructure requires significant underground trenching, and our goal was to minimize any adverse impact on the trees. Our team designed around the location of mature trees and their vast root systems, thoughtfully considering the location of both the buildings and the underground utilities serving these buildings. During construction, the team established individual fences known as the Tree Protection Zone (“TPZ”), and trees were monitored weekly. 

Today, Pathline Park is a modern campus nestled amidst towering redwoods and cedars, like the 80-foot tall Coast Redwood with its 50-inch diameter trunk. Surrounded by these majestic trees, the central pedestrian promenade encourages natural connections and creates the perfect workspace in the park. 

Experience Pathline Park, Sunnyvale’s future-ready campus with hybrid indoor/outdoor workspaces and workforce-ready amenities connected to everything in Silicon Valley.

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