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With COVID-19 cases declining and relaxed face covering requirements, your company may be planning its return to the workplace. There are a wide range of return models and developing an approach that works for your team can be a challenge.

Our Hybrid Workweek Toolkit simplifies planning and implementing your customized plan with a 4-step decision-making framework and checklist:

  • Assess employee needs and attitudes
  • Review real-world examples of hybrid models
  • Prepare employee communications
  • Help employees maximize the value of their in-office experience

Inside you will also find actionable resources including a sample survey for assessing employee sentiment about hybrid workweeks and a hybrid workweek policy checklist. 

Whether you decide to implement full return for all employees 4-5 days per week, completely reimagine your office as a collaboration hub or anything in between, we’re here to help. For assistance implementing your hybrid workweek plans, contact your Customer Resource Team.

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