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  • Comprehensive, one-of-a-kind resource provided to more than 3,000 companies in California and Chicago
  • Irvine Co. efforts validated by health experts UCI Health and UL; replaced and upgraded 50K air filters, added 1,500 sanitizing stations, 3,000 touchless bathroom fixtures and more

As COVID-19 cases continue to decline and positive movement on the rollout of the vaccine increases, Irvine Company is helping its more than 3,000 customers in California and Chicago put plans in place for returning to the workplace. 

With the launch of the Return to the Workplace Toolkit, Irvine Company has provided a comprehensive resource to streamline planning with a decision-making framework and step-by-step guide to prepare companies to come back with confidence. Irvine Company has also replaced and upgraded more than 50,000 air filters, installed more than 1,500 sanitizing stations, added 3,000 touchless bathroom fixtures, and made other health adjustments throughout its California and Chicago portfolio. Their efforts have been validated by science and health experts at UCI Health and UL, a global safety science leader recognized for their Indoor Environmental Quality services.

“We are pursuing every potential opportunity to support our customers as they plan the return to their workplace,” said Mike Bennett,  Irvine Company’s senior vice president of operations. “They’ve told us – and we recognize –  the importance being together plays in their culture, innovation, growth, and success.”

The Return to the Workplace Toolkit outlines four key areas to prepare for safely welcoming back employees:

  • Assess employee readiness
  • Adjust workplace layout
  • Establish employee return plan
  • Order workplace signage 

The customizable resource streamlines the planning process and helps proactively put effective communications in place to empower companies and their employees. Irvine Company also offers resources to help customers reconfigure their space to promote physical distancing and safety. 

“We have been so impressed with the work being done by the Irvine Company in preparing us to come back to the office,” said Kathy Quintana, executive vice president, and chief operating officer of HUB California. “Being in the risk management business, HUB has helped our clients navigate this pandemic, but what the Irvine Company has provided us is above and beyond to help instill confidence that our teams can return to work safely.”

Irvine Company’s approach to workplace wellness has been validated by industry-leading public health and IEQ experts. UCI Health reviewed and enhanced Irvine Company’s comprehensive health and safety plans and protocols to help companies come back with confidence. Irvine Company is also the first in the nation to have its workplace communities designated as Verified Healthy Buildings for indoor air, through a program managed by UL.

Optimal air filtration and ventilation are an essential part of Irvine Company’s long-term commitment to a healthy workplace environment. The company’s systems use high-efficiency MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rated air filters, with 100% of high-rise buildings using MERV 13 or higher. Fresh air exchange is also prioritized at optimal intervals, both throughout the workday and after hours, and automatic, alarmed sensors and handheld humidity testers meters help optimize humidity levels.

Other wellness enhancements include:  touch-free additions, more than 1,500 hand sanitizing stations, disinfection protocols exceeding CDC guidelines, increased signage and awareness of physical distancing, and enhanced safety protocols for elevator use, along paths of travel and in shared common areas such as restrooms and outdoor workspaces.

“Our message to our customers is simple: We’re ready when you’re ready,” said Bennett.
Information in the toolkit was based on state, local, and CDC guidelines for coronavirus-related safety protocols and best practices. For more information about Irvine Company’s Return to the Workplace Toolkit, visit

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