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Irvine Company is the first in the nation to have its workplace communities designated as Verified Healthy Buildings, through a program managed by UL, a global safety science leader recognized for their indoor environmental quality services. 

Irvine Company has received UL’s Verified Healthy Buildings Mark for over 36 million square feet of office space across its Coastal California portfolio and Chicago.

“This verification underscores Irvine Company’s commitment to providing healthy work environments,” said Mike Bennett, Senior Vice President, Irvine Company Office. “In working with best-in-class providers to provide peace of mind with proven indoor environmental quality, our customers will be able to focus on bringing their teams back to the workplace with confidence when the time is right.”

UL’s Verified Healthy Building program focuses on inspections in three key areas: indoor air quality, indoor air, and water quality, and indoor environmental quality. Irvine Company’s UL Verified Healthy Building Mark for Indoor Air included comprehensive testing of HVAC systems, airflow pathways, and inspections for mold, moisture, and odor. 

UL conducted qualitative and quantitative analyses during the site evaluations, which indicated excellent indoor air quality throughout the portfolio. The results are a reflection of ongoing efforts by Irvine Company’s engineering and operations teams to provide a healthy working environment for their customers. Ventilation, filtration, and HVAC system hygiene were found to be above industry standards and all buildings surveyed and met the UL Verified Healthy Building for Indoor Air Mark criteria and well-constructed, impactful policies are in use to help ownership continue to ensure a continued healthy indoor environment.  

“UL congratulates Irvine Company on being the first to earn UL’s Verified Healthy Building Mark for Indoor Air for their commercial office portfolio,” said Jennifer Scanlon, president and CEO of UL Inc. “Their bold action demonstrates a commitment to putting the health and wellbeing of building occupants first, and we’re pleased they are putting their trust in UL to help them fulfill on that promise.”

The news comes after Irvine Company earned accolades from another renowned health provider, UCI Health, for its coronavirus-related safety protocols to help its 3,000 customers return to the office with confidence. 

Optimal air filtration and ventilation are an essential part of Irvine Company’s long-term commitment to a healthy workplace environment. The company’s systems use high-efficiency MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rated air filters, with 100% of high-rise buildings using MERV 13 or higher. Fresh air exchange is also prioritized at optimal intervals, both throughout the workday and after hours, and automatic, alarmed sensors and handheld humidity meters help optimize humidity levels.

Other wellness enhancements include:  touch-free additions, increased number of hand sanitizing stations, disinfection protocols exceeding CDC guidelines, increased signage and awareness of physical distancing, and enhanced safety protocols for elevator use, along paths of travel and in shared common areas such as restrooms and outdoor workspaces.

“Indoor environmental quality and safety have always been a top priority for Irvine Company,” said Erron Williams, Vice President Engineering, Irvine Company Office. “This uniquely positioned us to quickly build upon our efforts to meet the evolving needs that these challenging times demand to earn this important validation— helping our customers and their teams feel confident about coming to work.” 
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