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Every successful return starts with ensuring teams feel confident coming into the workplace.

  • As a leader in workplace innovation, we’re the first in the nation to have our workplace communities designated as Verified Healthy Buildings by UL.

Our Commitment: Pristine Environments & Healthy Buildings

Innovative building systems and pristine environments have always been part of our workplace DNA, ensuring employees can come to work with confidence. This last year underscores the importance of our proactive approach to a healthy workplace environment:

  • Indoor Air Quality: Filtration and Ventilation. Air exchange reduces the circulation of stale air by purging it from the building and replacing it with fresh and filtered air. The mechanical systems in all of our workplaces use high-efficiency MERV rated air filters, with more than 75% using MERV 13 or higher. Indoor air is flushed and replaced on average every 60 minutes. In our restrooms, air is replaced approximately 10 times every hour.
  • Pristine Environments: Enhanced Cleaning Protocols and Touch-Free Solutions. Irvine Company uses EPA-registered disinfectants in accordance with CDC guidelines, cleaning common areas and high touch surfaces six times per day. Touch-free solutions complement these cleaning protocols, minimizing unnecessary surface contact.

Together, we all have a shared responsibility to protect and support workplace well-being. Irvine Company has developed comprehensive guidelines based on the latest CDC guidance as well as state and local requirements. These guidelines include:

Your Customer Resource Team is ready to support your safe return and answer any questions about your specific workplace community. For the latest information on our approach to workplace wellness, including air filtration, building ventilation and cleaning protocols, visit

See how our customers are preparing for a safe return.

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