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Editor’s Note: Kinsley by Fairgrounds is now open at One North Wacker.

“Kinsley will do so much more than provide food and beverage to One North Wacker; it will be a space for people to come together and experience joy.”

—Michael Schultz, Founder + CEO of Infuse Hospitality

One North Wacker is in for a treat. Activating the building’s Franklin Street plaza, Kinsley is a dawn-to-dusk eatery from the creators of Fairgrounds Coffee and Tea.

Taking inspiration from Chicago’s storied history as the site for two World’s Fairs in 1893 and 1933, Kinsley by Fairgrounds will offer unparalleled variety and choice under one roof. We sat down with Michael Schultz, Founder + CEO of Infuse Hospitality, to illuminate the vision for this new-concept café.

“Fairgrounds Coffee and Tea stands alone in offering something extremely different, where tea is equally as important as coffee, and there’s endless variety and choice,” says Schultz.

“The Fairgrounds concept is not only a celebration of diversity, but of the fairgrounds of our youth — the first time your parents gave you a roll of tickets and let you chart your own adventure. We’re excited to shift the playfulness of the ‘fairgrounds’ to the World’s Fair for Kinsley at One North Wacker.”

The café takes its name from Herbert M. Kinsley, a 19th-century Chicago restaurateur who operated one of the city’s most popular fine-dining establishments and oversaw restaurant logistics at the 1893 World’s Fair.

Featuring lush greenery and modern architecture, Kinsley’s elegant, light-filled, inviting design will evoke the fair’s spirit of innovation while fostering moments of engagement and comfort for One North Wacker customers and visitors alike.

Complete with a full-service kitchen, cocktail bar and convenient grab-and-go options, Kinsley will also offer Fairgrounds’ signature selection of craft coffee roasters, tea varietals from around the globe, and an array of cold brews, lattes and sparkling beverages on tap.

“Kinsley is distinctive in its design and offerings compared to existing Fairgrounds locations,” explains Schultz. “Our hope is to transport people to a different place and time, with elements that spark discovery. The menu will expand on our core hyper-local offering with seasonal and global influences to ensure that there’s always something new to taste and explore.”

Kinsley by Fairgrounds will also serve as a vital new gathering place for the neighborhood, with the potential to become the hangout of choice for countless workers from nearby workplaces.

“The workplace has to become a place that people want to be, not just a place where they have to be. Property owners like Irvine Company are reinvesting in their buildings to create spaces and experiences that spark creativity and connection. What better way to do that than through food and beverage?” remarks Schultz.

“In addition to chef-crafted fare, the beautiful space, music, natural light and varied seating will drive customers to revisit Kinsley throughout the day, whether that’s to grab a coffee in the morning, refuel over lunch, or enjoy award-winning cocktails after work. Kinsley will do so much more than provide food and beverage to One North Wacker; it will be a space for people to come together and experience joy.”

Kinsley by Fairgrounds will open its doors later this summer. Until then, stay connected as we share updates, menu tastings and more.

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