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Four years ago, Paul Hadfield started the payment processing company Revzi out of his Chicago home office. Today, Revzi is one of the country’s fastest growing POS and analytics software providers in the country, supporting $1.5 billion in sales for small businesses annually.

With a corporate headquarters in Chicago and a regional office in Denver, Hadfield – who serves as Revzi’s CEO – turned his attention to Orange County’s thriving economy and vibrant entrepreneurial scene for expansion.

Location, Move-in Ready and On Brand

“We wanted to be close to the heart of Orange County’s financial center,” says Hadfield. “We consult with local businesses every day, so it’s important we have easy access to our clients. Fashion Island in Newport Beach felt like it met that requirement perfectly, putting us in OC’s thriving tech and financial scene with the bonus of having the beach at our doorstep.”

Hadfield faced a conundrum. He wanted Revzi’s workplace to align with the company’s energetic, forward-thinking brand but did not want to make a substantial investment of time or money into building out custom space. The ReadyNow® Offices at 888 San Clemente in Newport Beach solved this problem.

The energy of 888 San Clemente is unparalleled…it’s a mixture of modern and traditional, which works perfectly with our brand.

Designed for quick move-in, ReadyNow® Offices offer companies all the benefits of a tailor-made workspace without any of the headaches. In-house design and construction teams customize the space and experience. For Revzi, this meant space tailored to their brand, right down to the company colors and logo on the door.

“The day we moved in, several Irvine Company employees brought coffee and breakfast by our suite,” says Hadfield. “It was such a simple but meaningful gesture. We unpacked a lot of boxes and the Irvine Company swung by to say they would handle disposing everything so that we didn’t have to worry about it. I wish moving into my own house was this seamless!”

As a sales-driven company, having an office that supports collaboration and communication was a must. Leveraging ReadyNow®’s flexibility, Revzi opted for open floor plans and collaborative meeting space ideal for informal brainstorming sessions. The bright, expansive space allows employees to work side-by-side at communal tables in a light-filled atmosphere that facilitates a positive and supportive work environment. Employees hit a gong at the office’s main entrance to celebrate company wins.

To enhance office wellness and inspire creativity, Revzi employees go outside and explore. Walking meetings around the Mediterranean-inspired campus are encouraged and employees enjoy the tranquility of open-air balconies. Ocean views and plenty of natural light make Revzi’s work environment all the more enjoyable and productive, providing much-needed moments of calm on busy workdays.

Fueling the Future

With cutting-edge business solutions like the Revzi Gateway, an encrypted payment data vault, POS tracking and custom analytical software, Revzi’s offerings are in high demand. As Revzi strengthens its roots in Orange County’s bustling tech community, ReadyNow® can accommodate their growth with flexible leases and collaborative planning.

But growth also requires talent and the environment to attract it. That’s why the Revzi team sees this ReadyNow® space as an investment in the company’s future – it offers all the modern amenities that appeal to today’s millennial and Gen Z workforce.

Success Works Here.®