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300 North LaSalle is now home to Market Cafe 300, operated by FoodWorks. The cafe is unlike anything offered in other office buildings, creating a unique dining experience for customers and the broader community alike.

Market Cafe 300 makes dining easier than ever for customers at 300 North LaSalle. With the cafe bringing new, hyperlocal restaurants into a regular rotation, customers experience the convenience of delicious food onsite while also getting to know and support a broad swath of what the city’s culinary scene has to offer.

In addition to the in-person cafe, where customers can pay at self-serve kiosks or even on their own smartphone, MarketCafe also offers contactless and preorder pickup. “Through the app, everything is available at the touch of customers’ fingertips,” says John Coker, President of FoodWorks. “They can preorder a latte while still at home before they even leave to go to 300 North LaSalle. And with selectable pickup times, the latte will be hot, ready and waiting when they get here.”

Other features at the cafe include the Apron Exchange Program, an incubator platform dedicated to showcasing women- and minority-owned talent, and an artisanal market showcasing handmade goods from a variety of local vendors.

“The cafe brings normalcy and convenience to customers’ daily work lives during these challenging times,” says Jeannie Torres, General Manager at 300 North LaSalle, “and interacting with the cafe staff and food from their community brings with it an innate sense of belonging.”

The addition of Market Cafe 300 to 300 North LaSalle is one more example of Irvine Company’s commitment to continual reinvestment and forever ownership. We remain dedicated to providing solutions that work — for our customers’ benefits and for the broader community.

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