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From energy efficient workplace design to open space conservation, sustainability has been a guiding value at Irvine Company for more than 150 years.

“Irvine Company is proud to be a leader in sustainability among owners of office buildings in California. We own more LEED and Energy Star certified office buildings than any other owner in the state, but we believe more can always be done,” said Irvine Company Vice President of Energy Management Rich Bluth. “We believe in continuous improvement and making what is exceptional today even better tomorrow.”

La Jolla UTC’s Vibrant Workplace Communities® reflect this forward-thinking vision for a new generation of sustainable building design:

Peak Energy Performance

One La Jolla Center sets a new standard for energy performance, meeting strict EPA guidelines and ENERGY STAR’s most stringent benchmarks. This 15-story vertical community received the “Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR” award in 2014, becoming one of only 157 office buildings in the US to ever obtain this accolade. Last year, the vibrant Eastgate Terrace also received this prestigious designation.

Resource Conservation 

Combining the aesthetic appeal of contemporary design and the long-term value of sustainable features, La Jolla UTC exemplifies the future of workplace design. Every La Jolla UTC building has received Gold or Silver LEED certification for green building practices thanks to energy and water conservation features such as energy efficient LED lighting, innovative water recycling systems, and state-of-the-art irrigation.

Workforce Empowerment

La Jolla UTC inspires and empowers its community to participate in furthering our sustainability efforts. Every workplace community is outfitted with HVAC system modification, high-efficiency lighting retrofits, and advanced metering and tracking to minimize energy consumption. Electric vehicle charging stations are also available, a convenient amenity that facilitates electric car ownership for our community and its visitors.

Forever Reinvestment

As technology advances, we continue to improve the sustainability of La Jolla UTC workplaces and the entire Irvine Company Office portfolio, minimizing environmental impact and decreasing operating costs. As the first major real estate company in the world to plan portfolio-wide use of energy storage, no idea is too big. That’s why we’ve partnered with Advanced Microgrid Solutions to power the world’s first fleet of hybrid-electric office buildings.


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