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There’s no substitute for the workplace. When your clients are ready for new space, we’re here. By leveraging our virtual tools, including real-time inventory on, video tours and contactless closing, you can help clients secure a new workspace from anywhere. 

These are five steps to delivering a seamless virtual touring experience:

1. Set up for success: lay the groundwork with compelling materials.

A seamless touring experience is essential. Share workplace collateral, such as Matterports/3D renderings, floor plans, pre-recorded videos and photography highlighting distinctive suite features, along with instructions for getting the most out of viewing these materials.

2. Determine the tour type.

A seamless tour experience is a critical competitive differentiator. Choose a platform you and your client are familiar with and comfortable using. If possible, connect with them on this platform in advance so you can troubleshoot any audio or video challenges. Consider whether the virtual tour will be a joint review of suite materials or a live walkthrough where you take your client on a tour of the space via a video call.

3. Highlight the workspace features that empower success.

Companies are assessing workplace options with new criteria, including touchless features, floor plan flexibility for physical distancing and the latest infrastructure for virtual meetings. Depending on your clients needs, these are some key Irvine Company workplace features to highlight: 

  • Spacious layouts. Flexible floor plates make it easier for your clients to customize their new workspace to fit their evolving needs, like increasing space between workstations or adapting team rooms for safer collaboration.
  • Workday Wellness. From contactless entry to touchless restroom fixtures, we’ve minimized shared surface contact throughout the workday, in addition to enhanced cleaning protocols that support a healthy workplace.
  • Innovation-ready infrastructure. Our workplace communities are intentionally designed to support new technologies, making customers early adopters of solutions that power their success today and tomorrow.

4. Think beyond the suite: showcase the entire workplace community.

Walk your client through a “day in the life” at their new workplace. Start with the entry experience: what will it be like for your client to park their car and enter the workplace? How will they be welcomed in the lobby and access their new suite? Consider daily needs: where will your client go for coffee, lunch or small errands? While some amenity spaces may not yet be reopened, help them envision the complete workday experience.

5. Focus on the future: leasing with confidence.

Part of the virtual tour is not just showcasing the physical workspace, but the experience that comes with being an Irvine Company customer. When companies join our workplace communities, they gain peace of mind that there’s no risk of shifting standards. Clients can lease with confidence that whatever the future holds, their workplace community will be ready.

Why Virtual Tours Matter

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