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“They Took Us from Crawling to Walking to Running”

David Mirsky & Marc Mills, Co-Founders of Pacific Rim Capital

In 1990, Marc Mills and David Mirsky saw a business opportunity– to do what their current employer did, but to do it better and more efficiently. They took a leap of faith, quit their jobs, and founded Pacific Rim Capital in Irvine Spectrum. Three decades later, business continues to boom–and Irvine Company is proud to have been with them each step of the way.

“Irvine Company helped us go from crawling to walking to running,” says Mirsky, CEO Emeritus. “Whenever we needed to knock down walls or add space, Irvine Company was very helpful, adding to our lease or accommodating us for these moves.”

The company’s latest move takes them to a brand new suite in Discovery Park.

“We were able to design our new workspace exactly the way we wanted it,” says Mills, President. “The communication and the flow of the office really works for our business. We have a big training room and expansive breakroom. The entire building is beautiful. Not only does our space have great views, but the floor to ceiling glass really brings the outdoors in.”

For Mirsky and Mills, the new Discovery Park workspace is also a key asset for talent recruitment and retention.

“We’re competing with a lot of tech companies around here,” says Mills “We needed something that was going to attract the next generation of talent. We wanted to prioritize our team members so that they felt very well taken care of. This space and our partnership with Irvine Company allows us to do that.”

On-site amenities like three state-of-the-art fitness centers, outdoor workspaces, BBQ stations, 39 acres of open space and connectivity to local hiking and biking trails help the team stay active and healthy outside.

“We’re minutes from Irvine Spectrum for great dining and shopping, and we’re so close to Laguna Beach. Coupled with the accessibility via the 405 and 5 freeway, it’s a complete package that’s very attractive for talent.”

505 and 525 Technology Dr at Discovery Park, with views of Irvine Spectrum

Despite moving in the middle of a pandemic, the team has been able to utilize their new workspace safely by adjusting furniture layouts and repurposing conference room space to accommodate essential employees.

“We’re most productive when we’re together as a team, so it’s important our employees feel comfortable and safe coming into the office,” says Mirsky. “Irvine Company is very proactive and we’re extremely well looked after. Any time we’ve had a concern, it’s been addressed immediately. It’s a statement that things just get done.”

Reflecting back on their 30+ year journey growing Pacific Rim Capital, Mirsky and Mills appreciate Irvine Company’s partnership and ongoing focus on their company’s success.

“I want a landlord to be in the people business, and that’s exactly what Irvine Company is about,” says Mills. “We’re the best company to lease material handling equipment from in America, and now we have a workspace that matches this.”

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