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With a shining track record and bright prospects, Ateliere Creative Technologies is taking off from 2121 Avenue of the Stars

A Hollywood Innovator Makes Big Moves

We don’t often think of it this way, but entertainment is a product — with a supply chain unlike any other. That’s where Ateliere Creative Technologies comes in.

“We are the unsung heroes on the back end that make streaming movies happen,” explains CEO, Dan Goman. “Our technology platform powers content studios, gaming companies, and creative ad agencies; the list goes on.”

By empowering creative minds and entities to produce outstanding media globally, the company has become a prominent player in the Hollywood landscape.

Amidst a flurry of success, Ateliere found itself needing a workspace that matched and magnified its burgeoning profile. The solution was as symbolic as it was practical: 2121 Avenue of the Stars. More than just an address, this iconic building — famed as Nakatomi Tower in Die Hard — is an icon in Hollywood history. Exclusive amenities, beautiful, naturally lit workspaces, and the proximity to their former location ensured a smooth transition for the expanding team.

CEO, Dan Goman, Ateliere Creative Technologies

What truly set this move apart was the ease and efficiency of Irvine Company’s innovative Flex+® suites. Comfortably appointed with modern furniture and utilities, these workspaces enabled a seamless transition.

David Bortis, the Senior Vice President of Operations at Ateliere, reflects on this landmark move with genuine appreciation for Irvine Company’s approach. “All of our employees were shocked when they came in the next day and everything was set. They had Wi-Fi, they had their desks, and everything was put together correctly. So it was a very big difference versus every other office I’ve built — zero downtime.”

A Workplace Worthy of Innovation

After the move-in, Ateliere Creative Technologies is making full use of their newfound amenities. Concierge-style service and a graciously-appointed entryway ensures every arrival sets the tone for success. The KINETIC® Fitness Center as well as on-site dining also align with the employees’ wellness goals. As David Bortis notes: “I think for us, having these amenities makes it easier to achieve work-life balance. We’re able to come in, have a workout, take a shower, grab breakfast at the Pacific Kitchen, and enjoy time for ourselves before we start working. And we can do it all in one building.”

The all-new, Venue meetings and events space further enhances the functionality, enabling Ateliere to host 60-80 person workshops without going off-site. And as Ateliere continues to grow, the company’s Flex+® suite will scale with the size of their team and their success, ensuring they’re ready for whatever comes next.

A Launchpad for Future Success

The positive impact of this move is already palpable. “Our customers love coming to meet us in person simply because they want to be in this building,” says Dan Goman. There’s also a newfound enthusiasm among employees. David Bortis already notices the change: “It can be challenging nowadays to get people back to the office. Ever since we moved into this new space, our teams are coming in even beyond what’s expected.”

As Ateliere Creative Technologies forges ahead, pioneering innovations in entertainment, they do so supported by a workspace that is more than just an office. Coupled with Irvine Company’s world-class partnership, it provides an environment that is conducive to growth, creativity, and employee well-being. The future, indeed, looks bright for Ateliere Creative Technologies at 2121 Avenue of the Stars.

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