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Placing a fitness center, cafe and outdoor workspace in close proximity to one another isn’t an arbitrary decision. This placement is guided by a fundamental design principle that prioritizes community building in the workplace.

“We decide amenity locations based on enhancing the workplace experience, using customer feedback and empirical data,” says Irvine Company’s John Koga, Vice President Planning & Design. “Our goal is to be democratic in the placement of amenities and ensure they are accessible for everyone in the workplace. Convenience and flexibility are paramount.”

The resulting amenity clusters bring together people who ordinarily wouldn’t interact. This builds a stronger workplace community and creates opportunities for unexpected connections — sparking innovation, creativity and growth.

71 South Wacker

71 South Wacker is a prestigious tower with a dramatic, three-story lobby whose amenities work cohesively to create an open environment that stimulates customer interaction. From the lobby, two escalators and a digital media wall invite people up to the second floor amenity space. There, The Exchange features amenities such as The Taproom, a unique self-pour bar, where customers can take a break from the office and bond with coworkers over a glass of beer or wine. The Exchange also features the exclusive KINETIC™ private fitness center, an updated café with a refreshing dining area that can be used as an event space and connected customer lounges. 

One North Wacker

A contemporary, 51-story trophy office tower, One North Wacker uses best-in-class amenities to create convenience and intrigue. On the second floor, customers can unwind with a craft beer or lounge away from their desk. Seamlessly connected to dining, lounging and working areas is the exclusive KINETIC™ private fitness center, where exercise clothes are readily available and group fitness classes are offered. 

The conference centers are utilized as more than just that, too. KINETIC™ provides Meditation sessions in the Superior Room, allowing customers, regardless of their fitness membership, to destress. Oftentimes craft-centered events during holidays are set up in the Michigan Ballroom, where vendors provide convenient gift options to customers. 

300 North LaSalle

On the iconic Chicago riverfront, 300 North LaSalle is a 60-story ultracore, Class AAA trophy workplace. Down the escalator is Current Kitchen cafe and 5,200-square-foot conference center. Customers relax, mingle and partake in programmed events while surrounded by inspiring Chicago views of the adjacent skyscrapers and passing water taxis. 

As John Koga explains, “Organically drawing people together is the secret sauce for a vibrant workplace community.” Throughout the trifecta of Irvine Company in Chicago, amenity clusters do just that. These intentionally designed spaces allow for collaborative programming that encourages an engaged community. 

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