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Mavenlink’s founding is a classic start-up story. In 2009, three founders noticed a market opportunity and ran with it. They built a business right out of their home office to power cloud-based SaaS, developing a comprehensive software platform for the $3 trillion professional and creative services industries. A massive, underpenetrated market combined with $84 million in total venture capital investment meant adding headcount fast– and Mavenlink needed flexible office space to house their growing venture.

“We are the poster child for the start-in-your-home-office – founders with a white board working all night to get things done – but that changed quickly,” says Ray Grainger, CEO and Co-Founder of Mavenlink. “The technology landscape was moving fast and we needed flexible space to keep up with our three-year business plan. Co-working spaces couldn’t accommodate our explosive growth and we didn’t want to overcommit to a space bigger than we needed at the time. Irvine Company presented us with a solution in ReadyNow.”

Irvine Company acted as a strategic partner, serving Mavenlink’s growth trajectory by moving the company into progressively larger spaces within the portfolio that aligned to their business plan without the high costs normally associated with moving offices. Today, Mavenlink occupies 60,000 square feet in a vibrant 24-building campus community designed to support fast-growth companies.

Building out custom space wasn’t where we wanted to invest our time or capital.

“Irvine’s collective teams of design, construction and development took all of that work off our plate and made sure every new space we grew into was tailored and turn-key. When they say ReadyNow they really mean ready now. From the toaster oven to the data closets to our logo on the door and colors on the walls, everything was ready to go when we moved in.”

Each office delivered the open, collaborative environment Mavenlink needed to keep innovating and the broader campus provided the rest – a state-of-the-art fitness center, electric bikes, and outdoor lounge space with BBQs. On Friday afternoons, you’ll find the team gathered around the BBQ pit playing cornhole – and informally tossing around their next big ideas.

“The vibe is great which is a giant tool for attracting and retaining talent. When people come into this office they want to work here. This may be spec space but there’s nothing vanilla about it. ReadyNow is truly our home.”

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