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From doubling down on safety and sanitation protocols to investing in enhanced in-building connectivity, Irvine Company has been working tirelessly to ensure customers can come back with confidence. Even during these challenging circumstances, our teams remain, as always, committed to providing unparalleled levels of service for our customers. We sat down with the Workplace Success Team at our three Chicago buildings to discuss how they’re finding innovative ways to keep customers informed, prepared, and connected.

Staying Connected With Customers

At each of our three buildings — 300 North Lasalle, One North Wacker, and 71 South Wacker — our Customer Resource Teams have been consistently communicating with customers since the onset of the pandemic in early March, scheduling weekly and biweekly calls to share timely updates and information with one another. 

Ja’Net Deason, Property Manager at One North Wacker, says, “Our customers know us by name and we know them by name, and we feel comfortable reaching out to each other at any time whether it’s over Zoom, over the phone or even just in passing at the building. They know we’re always here and available to address their needs because we’ve always kept our doors open, and we continually check in to ensure we’re supporting their needs and goals.” 

Taking a Proactive Approach

Because our team is tuned in and listening to customers’ wants and needs, we’re able to be responsive and proactive, providing smart, timely solutions. Just one example: “After we successfully hosted a blood drive in the summer, we got calls from customers asking if we would be providing flu shots this fall. With that interest in mind, we set up a session next week, and we already have 30 people registered,” says Debbie Zsigray, Property Manager at 71 South Wacker.  

It’s this thoughtful, strategic responsiveness that makes up our teams’ proactive approach. “The situation we’re in is unprecedented, but our team is more prepared than ever. We know what customers need and want, and we’re letting them know, through our communications and our actions, that we’re taking a proactive approach. And we’ll continue to go above and beyond to meet their needs,” says Jeannie Torres, General Manager at 300 North LaSalle. 

Continually Building Community

As part of the robust information-sharing that goes on across our buildings, our Workplace Success Teams provide updates not just on how customers can come back with confidence, but how they can continue to engage with their workplace community. 

At One North Wacker, the virtual book club is going strong, with members meeting to discuss both the book and their current experiences. Both One North Wacker and 300 North LaSalle have hosted virtual workshops for customers with Alveole, the urban beekeeping company that manages their rooftop hives. Other programming includes virtual workouts and one-on-one training sessions with fitness instructors, trivia, happy hours and more.

“We’re confident that the health and safety of both our customers and our teams are taken care of,” says Torres, “and that confidence allows us to turn our attention towards developing engaging virtual events. These events spark ideas and create community — and if there’s anything people have learned during this pandemic, it’s that community and connection are paramount.” 

As we continue to navigate these strange times together, our Workplace Success Teams will be an unwavering source of supportive service — ensuring customers feel connected, engaged, and equipped for success.

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