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Creating a space to foster collaboration is the way forward, says Broker of the Quarter Kevin Bender, Managing Director of the Southwest Region at JLL.  With more than 23 years of experience in the industry, Kevin has noticed recent market shifts are evolving to accommodate the changing needs of Orange County businesses.

“We have witnessed a tightening labor environment during the pandemic, and some companies are offering the option of working from anywhere. But at the same time, most companies are also recognizing that for leading talent, they need to provide not just a place for people to come to work, but the options and amenities that really make employees want to come back into the office.”

Kevin’s recent efforts for a lease renewal for 48,000 sq. ft. at Jamboree Center earned him recognition as Broker of the Quarter. He says his client was ready to renew, in part because of their appreciation of consistent reinvestment in the property, including the most recent upgrades of air filtration systems and outdoor workspaces. 

In the midst of the pandemic, Kevin says, “Irvine Company quickly pivoted to upgrade its HVAC systems and internal infrastructure to be able to provide comfort and confidence as they return to the office.” These updates, paired with the amenities Jamboree Center offers, WiFi-powered outdoor workspaces and technology-enhanced meeting spaces, sealed the deal.

“Employers are looking at how they can create an environment and space that is an attraction for their employees to come into the office,” says Kevin. “Outdoor and flexible spaces for meetings, gatherings, and individual downtime will be very valuable for companies. The workspace is where they can hold on to their culture, and also provide opportunities for mentoring and collaboration.”

We thank you for your impressive efforts, Kevin, and congratulate you on your success.

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