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Long-term value is what clients are looking for, say San Diego Brokers of the Quarter Misty Moore and William Fleck of JLL. 

The pair are being recognized for their impressive efforts in finalizing a number of substantial new leasing deals this past quarter. 

Both Fleck and Moore have noticed clients focusing more intently this year on overall value and stability for the future. 

“Our clients appreciate long-term owners of real estate who invest in state-of-the-art building systems and robust on-site amenities to optimize the office experience for their employees,” says Fleck, Senior Managing Director at JLL. 

Moore, Managing Director, adds, “They’re looking for landlords they can partner with for stable occupancy in the long term.”

The pair agree that well-maintained, highly amenitized properties are in high demand, and add that a responsive and accessible workplace operations team is integral too. 

“Irvine Company treats all their customers, even the smallest companies, as trusted partners,” says Moore. “They prioritize their customers’ needs well into the lease term and renewals, not just in the initial lease, like a lot of landlords.”

Fleck says it’s Irvine Company’s long-term approach to property ownership and management that is the differentiating factor for his clients. “I have tremendous trust in the fact that they will do what they say they are going to do.”

We’re honored to partner with you, Misty and Bill. Congratulations on this honor and all of your success.

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