Awards and Certifications

Irvine Company is honored to be recognized for our forward-thinking approach to sustainable building construction, energy efficiency and excellence in building management. Irvine Company’s portfolio includes the most LEED-certified buildings in California including the first LEED Dynamic Plaque, the most Energy Star Certified office buildings in the United States, and TOBY Awards for excellence in building management and development. Irvine Company is ranked first in the nation by the Environmental Protection Agency for energy-efficient buildings.

LEED® Certification

More than 60 office towers totaling 18.4 million square feet have been awarded LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council® in the LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance category—a designation reserved for the highest performing, most sustainable buildings.

Irvine Company is California's largest LEED portfolio owner and owner of the first LEED Dynamic Plaque certified office buildings in California. LEED Dynamic measures, monitors and scores building performance in real-time for ongoing optimization.

Orange County

20 40 Pacifica LEED Gold Certified

300 Spectrum Center Drive LEED Gold Certified

200 Spectrum Center Drive LEED Gold Certified

100 Spectrum Center Drive LEED Gold Certified

Newport Gateway LEED Silver Certified

Irvine Towers® LEED Gold Certified

Pacific Arts Plaza LEED Gold Certified

500 Newport Center Drive LEED Certified 

520 Newport Center Drive LEED Gold Certified

550 Newport Center Drive LEED Certified 

610 Newport Center Drive LEED Certified 

620 Newport Center Drive LEED Certified 

650 Newport Center Drive LEED Silver Certified

660 Newport Center Drive LEED Certified

Pacific Financial Plaza LEED Silver Certified

Jamboree Center LEED Gold Certified

MacArthur Court LEED Gold Certified

UCI Research Park (111 Innovation) LEED Gold Certified

Los Angeles

Fox Plaza LEED Platinum Certified

Westwood Gateway LEED Silver Certified

San Diego

One America Plaza LEED Gold Certified

501 West Broadway LEED Gold Certified

Wells Fargo Plaza LEED Gold Certified

225 Broadway LEED Gold Certified

Symphony Towers LEED Gold Certified

101 West Broadway LEED Platinum Certified

Centerside LEED Silver Certified

The Plaza LEED Gold Certified

La Jolla Square LEED Gold Certified

La Jolla Gateway LEED Silver Certified

One La Jolla Center LEED Gold Certified

La Jolla Center LEED Gold Certified

Silicon Valley

Santa Clara Square LEED Gold Certified

Santa Clara Gateway LEED Gold Certified

Silicon Valley Center LEED Gold Certified


71 South Wacker LEED Plantinum Certified

Energy Star

Irvine Company’s portfolio of ENERGY STAR-certified office buildings ranked first nationally and in California among all building owners in terms of total number of buildings certified for 2015. An ENERGY STAR partner, 100 percent of Irvine Company high-rise properties have achieved ENERGY STAR certification; 102 office buildings received ENERGY STAR certification for 2015.

Irvine Company Office Properties has been named an EPA Green Power Partner due to its investment in U.S. based renewable power.

Palm Court (15615 Alton Parkway) was recognized in the 2013 National Building Competition for a 17 percent improvement in energy usage. Out of almost 1000 office building entries, it was ranked 30th nationwide and 10th in California. Irvine Company placed five buildings in California's Top 20 for energy reduction.

Orange County

Market Place Center Energy Star Certified

Irvine Towers Energy Star Certified

Newport Gateway Energy Star Certified

Jamboree Center Energy Star Certified

Executive Park Energy Star Certified 

University Research Park Energy Star Certified 

100 Spectrum Center Energy Star Certified

Corporate Business Center Energy Star Certified

19 & 21 Technology Drive Energy Star Certified

20 40 Pacifica Energy Star Certified

300 Spectrum Center Energy Star Certified

Discovery Business Center Energy Star Certified

Irvine Business Center Energy Star Certified

One Technology Park Energy Star Certified

Palm Court Energy Star Certified

Pacific Arts Plaza Energy Star Certified

Gateway Plaza Energy Star Certified

Corporate Plaza Energy Star Certified

MacArthur Court Energy Star Certified

500 Newport Center Drive Energy Star Certified

520 Newport Center Drive Energy Star Certified

550 Newport Center Drive Energy Star Certified

610 Newport Center Drive Energy Star Certified

620 Newport Center Drive Energy Star Certified

660 Newport Center Drive Energy Star Certified

Pacific Financial Plaza Energy Star Certified

888 San Clemente Energy Star Certified

Los Angeles

Westwood Gateway Energy Star Certified

Fox Plaza Energy Star Certified

Western Asset Plaza Energy Star Certified

San Diego

101 West Broadway Energy Star Certified

225 Broadway Energy Star Certified

501 West Broadway Energy Star Certified

One America Plaza Energy Star Certified

Symphony Towers Energy Star Certified

Wells Fargo Plaza Energy Star Certified

Centerside Energy Star Certified

Park Plaza Energy Star Certified

La Jolla Center Energy Star Certified

La Jolla Gateway Energy Star Certified

Nobel Plaza Energy Star Certified

The Plaza Energy Star Certified

La Jolla Square Energy Star Certified

Silicon Valley

McCarthy Center Energy Star Certified

Santa Clara Gateway Energy Star Certified

Silicon Valley Center Energy Star Certified


71 South Wacker Energy Star Certified

One North Wacker Energy Star Certified

300 North LaSalle Energy Star Certified

Outstanding Building of the Year Awards


BOMA’s Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) is the most prestigious and comprehensive awards program in the commercial real estate industry, recognizing quality in building construction and rewarding excellence in building management.

All facets of a building's operations are thoroughly evaluated, including site management, community involvement and environmental policies and procedures.

Irvine Company is the proud recipient of the following TOBY Awards, recognizing our forward-thinking approach to new development and revitalization.

Orange County

Irvine Towers (18500 Von Karman): Earth Award Category Local, Regional Recognition

Jamboree Center (1 & 2 Park Plaza): Renovated Building Category Local, Regional, International Recognition

Pacific Arts Plaza (3200 Park Center Drive): Renovated Building Category Local Recognition

MacArthur Court (4665-4695 MacArthur Court): TOBY 500,000 - 1 Million Square Feet Local Recognition

Los Angeles

Fox Plaza: 500,000 - 1 Million Square Feet Category Local, Regional, International Recognition

Westwood Gateway: 500,000 - 1 Million Square Feet Category Local, Regional Recognition

San Diego

One America Plaza: Over 500,000 Square Feet Category Local Recognition

101 West Broadway: 250,000-500,000 Square Feet Category Regional Recognition

La Jolla Center (4660 La Jolla Village Drive): Earth Award Category Local Recognition

The Plaza (4370 La Jolla Village Drive): 500,000 – 1 Million Square Feet Category Local Recognition


71 South Wacker: Over Million Square Feet Category Local, Regional, International Recognition

300 North LaSalle: Earth Award Category Local, Regional, International Recognition