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It’s a 24-7, always connected, “never off” world these days, at least for those of us in the workplace. Taking personal time even for a quick bite to eat sometimes just isn’t an option, never mind making it to the gym for a workout. However, a lot of companies are encouraging employees to take advantage of  their lunch breaks to improve their productivity and overall health.

Enter KINETIC. At many Irvine Company workplace communities, this workplace wellness movement offers an exclusive, state-of-the-art fitness center, group fitness programming, walking routes, and a mobile app to keep you coming back. Working out during lunch may seem like it’s simply not a feasible option, but that’s one of the primary reasons that KINETIC works so well.

Still thinking a workout at KINETIC might not fit into your day at work? Here’s our take on why some of the things that keep you away can be easily resolved.


  • I don’t have enough time. It’s true, an hour of time may not be enough time for what you consider a workout. However, research has shown that a high-intensity 15-minute workout can provide the same benefit as a 60-minute workout of low- to medium-intensity. With KINETIC, you can take advantage of their Burst-30 workout, utilize the KINETIC walking map around your office buildings, or hop on a treadmill for 30-minutes to get your heart pumping and your blood flowing!
  • I don’t have my workout clothes with me. Simple, pack your bag the night before and throw it into your car. The morning rush to get the kids ready, to get to Starbucks for coffee before the crowds or to beat traffic makes it easy to forget to grab your gym bag, even if you leave it by the front door. If you pack and get everything ready the night before, you’ll be fully prepared to head down to use the equipment at KINETIC.
  • I don’t know what classes to take or what exercises to do. KINETIC to the rescue! Within the app, our “My Fitness” option provides concise instructions for what every piece of equipment in the gym does. Our class schedule is easy to navigate and includes a description of exactly what the intention of each class is, from Yoga Flow to Burst-30.
  • I can’t go back to the office sweaty and in gym clothes. Breaking a sweat and burning calories is great, but heading back to the office might not be ideal. This is where we figure most of you are hung up. Again, KINETIC provides towel service, individual shower facilities and changing areas for all of our customers, allowing you to get your workout in and get back to the office without any hassle.
  • But what about my lunch? Yes, you’re sacrificing your lunch hour in the name of fitness and wellbeing, but that doesn’t mean you should be skipping meals. After any workout it’s imperative that you replenish and refuel your body, and we have a few ideas for how to do that without cutting further into your workday.  Meal planning is a great approach to wellbeing, as well as helping you keep your monthly lunch budget low. Prep your meals the night before, or even on Sunday to get you through the week, and have a lunch packed and ready in the morning. If that’s not an option, there are plenty of healthy restaurants that have To Go service, or even delivery, and websites like OCDiningExpressDoorDash or GrubHub will deliver a healthy meal right to your office.


So now that we’ve helped you work through these excuses, you have nothing stopping you from taking advantage of KINETIC and prioritizing your fitness and workplace well-being today!

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