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Freezing in the summer, boiling in the winter: climate control is employees’ top workplace complaint. Nearly half of all employees are unhappy with inadequate office temperature control, with coworkers’ conflicting temperature preferences exacerbating frustrations.

“We take the physical comfort of our customers very seriously because it directly impacts employee productivity and satisfaction,” says Erron Williams, Vice President of Engineering at Irvine Company. “Existing temperature management options didn’t provide the level of micro-climate control we wanted to give our customers, so we engineered our own solution.”  

Irvine Company partnered with building automation and energy management firm Advanced Automated to engineer a scalable, enterprise-level solution for the workplace. The two-pronged result, available exclusively at Irvine Company workplaces, is now rolling out: the Comfort Control app and the Personalized Comfort Design HVAC system.

The Comfort Control enables real-time temperature and lighting adjustment via smartphone for microclimates. Personalized Comfort Design completely rethinks the traditional HVAC system, allowing each enclosed room to have its own temperature control and providing greater temperature control in open areas. 

“Comfort Control is about more than temperature and lighting,” says Williams. “It optimizes performance and employee satisfaction in a revolutionary way that customers didn’t know to ask for because, until now, it didn’t exist.” 

“The Comfort Control App optimizes performance and employee satisfaction on a micro-scale that’s never before been possible.”

Erron Williams, Vice President of Engineering at Irvine Company

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