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Irvine Company plus UCI Health

Community-building is a cherished Irvine Company value, and COVID-19 is challenging the communities we’re part of like never before. We know that our actions impact many, which is why we consulted with UCI Health on a thoughtful, evidence-based approach to workplace wellness. Together, we believe that a key part of a healthy community is a healthy economy, and this starts with ensuring our customers feel confident returning to the workplace.

“Our customers expect the very best from us and we are committed to delivering on that,” says Mike Bennett, Senior Vice President, Operations. “With a strong plan in place, we felt it was essential to get independent, third-party validation. Irvine Company and the University of California, Irvine have a strong relationship going back to the University’s inception, so we turned to UCI Health as a trusted partner with a shared interest in a healthy community.”

Susan Huang, MD MPH, Professor of Infectious Diseases and UCI Health Medical Director for Epidemiology & Infection Prevention, and Linda Dickey, RN MPH CIC, UCI Health Senior Director for Epidemiology & Infection Prevention, and an expert in the built environment as it relates to disease prevention, personally reviewed Irvine Company’s workplace wellness plans. Dr. Huang and Ms. Dickey are both nationally and internationally recognized experts in infection prevention and are in charge of UCI Health protocols that protect the wellness of everyone in the building, making them uniquely qualified to examine Irvine Company’s approach. 

As part of their thorough review, Dr. Huang, Ms. Dickey and the UCI Health team considered Irvine Company’s coronavirus-related health and safety plans and protocols, interviewed operations executives, conducted walk-throughs of Irvine Company office and corporate workplaces and ultimately validated Irvine Company’s wide-ranging safety efforts. UCI Health evaluated:

  • Enhanced ventilation and air filtration systems
  • Touch-free enhancements
  • The placement and number of hand sanitizing stations
  • Disinfection protocols
  • The education and communications program on topics such as physical distancing and the importance of face coverings
  • Enhanced safety protocols for elevator use, along paths of travel and in shared common areas such as restrooms and outdoor workspaces
  • Ongoing research into emerging technology surrounding virus mitigation technology

Preparation and Planning

Why it matters: For decades, innovative building systems and pristine environments have been part of Irvine Company’s workplace DNA. Healthy air, deep cleaning and touch-free solutions are built into every Irvine Company workplace. As a long-term planner, Irvine Company already had the building blocks in place for workplace wellness, including a Pandemic Response Plan that guided prompt, effective action.

Ventilation and Air Filtration Systems

Why this matters: Proper ventilation is a key component of indoor environment quality. Studies suggest poor ventilation has the potential to circulate COVID-19 within small spaces. Consistently changing indoor air with fresh, filtered air from outside can support wellness.

Outdoor Workspace

Why this matters: COVID-19 is spread through mostly invisible droplets that discharge into the nearby air. These droplets are more rapidly dispersed outdoors than in indoor environments because of natural air currents and general air dilution. Outdoor workspace can support everything from team meetings to new employee onboarding, and are an option for employees who may not be ready to be back in the office but would still like to connect in-person with coworkers.

Workplace Wellness Protocols: Signage, Sanitation and Touch-Free Solutions

Why this matters: We all have a role to play in keeping our workplaces and communities healthy. Clear signage and easy access to wellness offerings, like hand sanitizer and touchless technology, makes it easier for everyone to make healthy choices.  

Outdoor Space to Socialize

Why this matters:  Extended time in small, shared spaces – like an employee break room – may increase the potential for COVID-19 transmission. Having safe spaces where colleagues can feel comfortable eating lunch or chatting over coffee supports the social ties that boost employee engagement and strengthen corporate culture. 

As new information about COVID-19 transmission becomes available, Irvine Company is working with UCI Health to ensure our approach to workplace wellness continues to support our customers’ well-being and business success. For more information, visit

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