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When it comes to the future of the Orange County market, no one has a crystal ball, says Chon Kantikovit, executive managing director at Cushman & Wakefield. But one thing is certain, he says: “There’s clearly a need for multiple use and outdoor workspaces.”

Kantikovit and his colleague Justin Cassel, director at Cushman & Wakefield, were recognized as Brokers of the Quarter for their collective work in lease renewals at Jamboree Center in Irvine.

Kantikovit and Cassel say their clients are looking for offices that provide flexibility, such as multi-purpose common areas, outdoor workspaces, and experience-driven amenities. “Jamboree Center offers the flexibility and functionality that companies know they can grow with,” says Cassel. From the WiFi-enabled outdoor workspaces, to the private gym and diverse dining options, he knows his clients will find the value they are looking for. 

“Irvine Company does an unbelievable job in operations and property management for existing customers,” says Cassel. “They make sure all of their customers’ needs are met, and the care and customer service they offer are second to none.”

Looking forward to next year and beyond, Kantikovit says transparency is key when it comes to helping clients make decisions for the future. His advice: provide as many options as possible, and let the client make the decision that is best for them. Exploring different renewal terms and timelines can be the options that make a difference in closing the deal.

Thank you for your fantastic efforts, Chon and Justin, and congratulations on this recognition. 

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