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Companies are eager for teams to come together to collaborate in person and employees want to be there too. Survey after survey has shown that, while employees want some flexibility to work remotely, the vast majority want to be together several days per week with in-person connection with colleagues being the primary driver. Our most recent poll confirms, with more than a third of respondents saying that seeing coworkers is their favorite part of being in the office.

But, despite a self-reported desire to return to the office, changing habits formed over more than a year may take some time. But there is a powerful tool companies have available to help as the return to the workplace begins: FOMO.

By creating occasions and an environment employees don’t want to miss out on, you’ll have them itching to get out of sweatpants and back in the workplace. Here are five FOMO-generating ideas to try.

Move Meetings Outdoors

Sure, employees can Zoom into an outdoor meeting from home but watching your co-workers together in collaboration-optimized outdoor work and conference spaces from the corner of your bedroom leaves something to be desired. And for your employees in the office, sunlight and fresh air are proven to enhance creative thinking, mood, and overall well-being, on top of being the healthiest place to come together. 

Celebrate Accomplishments

Bring your team together as a group daily or weekly to recognize the exceptional work of individuals or teams. Being celebrated in person feels rewarding and motivating in a way that can’t be recreated virtually. With on-site dining open, you can keep the celebration going after hours and further enhance camaraderie by raising a glass together. 

Organize Team Development Activities

Training workshops, team-building exercises, brainstorming sessions, and philanthropic activities are all great ways to strengthen corporate culture and rebuild ties between employees that may have weakened as the result of working remotely. Throw in a team lunch at one of your on-site dining options to make the activity more social and watch how fast your team comes running. 

Ready, Set, Compete

Come up with a physical activity that your team can engage in together whether it’s a lunchtime run club, racking up indoor cycling miles in the KINETIC fitness centers, or an after-work softball league. Getting your employees invested in competing either with one another is a great way to keep them coming in. As a bonus, these activities are great for building retention-enhancing bonds between colleagues.

Refresh Your Workplace

When the experience of being in the workplace is vastly superior to the experience of working from home, employees will be more motivated to make the commute. Enhance decor, workstations, and areas for collaboration and socialization to create an irresistible environment. 

Come Back with Confidence
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