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As work and home environments overlap it is important to find a well-balanced routine. This month we’ll focus on being kind to yourself. Read on for tips on self-care, resilience and more!

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly when challenges strike.

It’s easy to blame yourself for your problems, but cutting yourself some slack is often key to getting past them. Learn when a situation can be solved by being “good enough” — there’s usually some action you can take to fix things, no matter how big or small. Use the exercise below to help you through your monthly challenges.

It’s natural to experience emotional ups and downs during major life changes. It’s also important to remember that you can’t help others if you don’t help yourself. Make time for yourself as you would for any other life responsibility.

Just breatheTaking a break to breathe and shut out the outside world can do wonders for your mental and emotional state.

Make time to moveTake time out for exercise or even just short walks throughout the day.

Reach out and connect…When you need to unwind, reach out to the people in your life who give you a sense of comfort and community.

… And disconnectIf you’re always within reach of an electronic device, find time to disconnect — even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Do more by doing lessWhen you need some “me time,” try simple activities that bring you joy, like listening to music or reading a book.

Speaking of sleep A good night’s sleep is key to self-care; aim for 7–9 hours each night.

Give your hands some much-deserved attention!

Start with a moisturizer – Use a dime-sized drop of lotion to soften your hands, then rub them together as if you were lathering and washing them.

Massage your palms – Intertwine your fingers, then press your thumb into the center of your opposite palm in small circular motions.

Apply pressure – Use your thumb to press each of the pads of your opposite palm, massaging out any tension.

Massage your fingers – Apply a gentle squeeze between each finger. Open and shut your fingers, then rotate your wrist five times clockwise and five times counter-clockwise.

Flex your wrists – Use your right hand to gently press your left hand forward for 20 seconds. Then, flip your hand, as if you were showing someone a ring, and gently pull your left hand back for another 20 seconds.

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