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As work and home environments overlap it is important to find a well-balanced routine. From nutrition to proper posture explore this guide to wellness success. 

These foods offer nutrients that may help boost your immune system, including vitamins A, B6, C, and E, folate, iron and zinc.


These nuts are high in antioxidants and great for adding texture and flavor to dishes; stick to a one ounce serving of the unsalted variety (about ¼ cup).


Many of the nutrients in berries, specifically vitamin C and folate, may help protect against infection. Add to yogurt or use as a salad topping.


Beans, lentils and split peas are all sources of immune-supporting minerals. Toss into soups, salads or pasta dishes.

Fatty Fish

Salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines are all good sources of vitamin D, protein and iron —nutrients that help support a strong immune system.

Dark leafy greens

Leafy greens such as spinach are high in vitamin A, vitamin C and folate. Use on sandwiches or add to pasta and soups.

Sweet potatoes

The deep orange-yellow color of sweet potatoes indicates that they are high in the immune-boosting antioxidant beta carotene; eat the nutrient-rich skin along with the flesh for maximum benefit.

At home, at your desk or on the go – these are some easy stretches you can do almost anywhere to keep your body limber and ready to take on anything.

Hip Flexors

Place one knee on the floor and plant the opposite foot in front of you. (Be sure to pad the knee that’s resting on the floor.) Lean your hips forward and hold for 30 seconds; repeat on both sides three times.


Bring your right hand to the back of your head or opposite shoulder blade. Using your left hand, gently apply some pressure to feel the stretch. Hold for 30 seconds; repeat on both sides three times.

Calf Muscles

Standing on a set of steps, place your hands on a wall or banister, then gently drop your heel off the step. Hold for 30 seconds; repeat on both sides three times.

Glute Muscles

Lying on your back, lift feet off the floor and cross one ankle over the opposite knee. Lift your foot off the ground and bring both legs toward your body. Hold for 30 seconds; repeat on both sides three times.

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