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Congratulations to our customers nominated for the Orange County Business Journal’s 2020 “Excellence in Entrepreneurship” award. We are proud our workplace communities are giving entrepreneurs the advantage they need to succeed.

Dave Dickerson, CEO, Accurate Background
Lani Baron, Founding Partner, Alternative Divorce Solutions
Jeanann Khalife, Founding Partner, Alternative Divorce Solutions
Dean Stoecker, CEO/Chariman/Co-Founder, Alteryx
Rebecca Hall, President/CEO, Idea Hall
John Pham, CEO/Co-Founder, INBRACE
Manar Kadar, Founder/CEO, Manna Kadar Beauty
Ray Grainger, CEO/Founder, Mavenlink
Nella Webster, Managing Director, Miracle Mile Advisors
Kevin Hayes, Managing Partner, Pendulum Property Partners
John Moody, Co-Founder/Cheif Strategist/Board Member, Restaurants 365
Jonathan Carson, CEO, Stretto
Eric Kurtzman, CEO, Stretto
Ville Houtlu, CEO, Vincit

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