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“This space, our new environment, and our partnership with Irvine Company – it’s really helped us tip the scales for growth.”

Kurt Whitmer, President of DBM Group

What makes a company one of the best places to work? For DBM Group, it all starts with having the right workspace and amenities.

DBM Group, recently named one of the best places to work in Orange County, knows that office space can make or break how well a team works to drive business success. When the database marketing company needed new workspace in 2020, they literally drew a circle around their current office building and began their search.

“Where we work has a huge impact on how we work,” says Kurt Whitmer, President of DBM Group.

“We didn’t want to alter our employees’ commute time, so we were looking for a workplace as close to our original location as possible.”

While the location wasn’t changing much, Whitmer hoped their new workspace would be 180-degrees different. The team wanted to build out their space to match their collaborative work style and ensure employees had access to time-saving conveniences right on site, like a state-of-the-art fitness center. They also wanted a space that would make them excited to come to work, one they’d be proud to show off when clients and partners visited for on-site meetings.

“Our previous location lacked amenities, and the space itself was pretty limiting. Partnering with Irvine Company opened up so many exciting possibilities.”

Unlike some marketing agencies, DBM brings everything in-house. They have dedicated strategy, data & analytics, creative, development, and production teams ensuring the highest quality results for their clients. Collaboration is key to success, but so too is having distinct spaces that allow different teams to focus on their daily tasks and bring innovation to the forefront.

“Choosing Market Place Center allowed us to completely customize our workspace from the ground up,” says Whitmer. “We supplied Irvine Company’s design team with some visual starting points, and they ran with it, giving us a space that meets our needs today with plenty of flexibility for tomorrow. It’s future-proof.”

DBM Group’s new workspace features plenty of collaborative meeting space for exchanging ideas, along with quieter focus areas, plus a large kitchen, breakroom, and conference room. 

After being in a smaller space without amenities, the wealth of on-site conveniences at Market Place Center have been a welcome change for the team.

“Employees who can work from home choose to come in to use the workplace fitness center, and then they stay for the day,” says Whitmer. “The onsite cafe is a bonus, and we love being right across the street from all the dining options at The Market Place. As we’re able to host more clients in the future, the proximity to John Wayne Airport is going to be key.”

One of their most used features is Market Place Center’s expansive conferencing venue, which includes rollup doors for a completely fluid indoor/outdoor experience.

“We use the workplace conference center for team functions, hosting lunches, and bringing people together safely. We love that feeling of the open environment, plus plenty of fresh air. Our teams feel really confident being here.”

While the physical space is important, Whitmer says it’s their strong relationship with Irvine Company that makes the biggest difference.

“At DBM Group, we have a very disciplined, organized approach and customer service is central to everything we do. That’s exactly the experience we’ve had with Irvine Company. From the initial build out to move-in and beyond, it’s been seamless.”

“This space, our new environment, and our partnership with Irvine Company– it’s really helped us tip the scales for growth.”

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