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I knew what we wanted for our next workplace; I just didn’t know if it existed.

Vince Curcie, founder

When Orange County Solar began to outgrow their old workplace, founder Vince Curcie knew exactly what he wanted for his company.

Curcie imagined a sophisticated office space suitable for client meetings, plenty of parking for his company’s vehicle fleet, and a central location convenient for employees and close to John Wayne Airport. Most critically, Curcie sought a flexible lease that could grow alongside his rapidly-expanding business. 

Curcie and his team found everything they needed — and more — at Venture Park.

One of the things that I like… if we continue on the same growth trajectory we can upgrade within Irvine Company.

“One of the things that I like about Irvine Company is that if we continue on the same growth trajectory, then we can upgrade within Irvine Company. That flexibility made Venture Park very appealing.” said Curcie.

Powered by the dream of renewable energy for all, Curcie started Orange County Solar in 2016, and the solar installation company has been on a rapid growth trajectory ever since. Orange County Solar holds an impressive array of certifications, including being the largest Panasonic Installer in Orange County, a Tesla Certified Powerwall installer as well as a LG Chem Pro installer.

The new workspace at Venture Park will help power additional growth, thanks to a flexible layout that supports team collaboration. The ample parking with EV charging stations are ideal for the company’s electric work vehicles.

Curcie worked with Irvine Company’s Flex Workspace+ team to add custom branding details, like a large 3D logo and expansive wall graphics, that make an impactful first impression with clients.  

“There’s nothing worse than having an office space where you don’t really want your customers to come, and that’s the opposite here with our new space,” says Curcie. “As part of the branding package, we have a huge timeline on the wall that details the history of solar power and the start of our company — it’s a great conversation piece when people come in.”

Timeline of Solar Energy

Venture Park’s modern campus includes HQ-quality amenities, like Wifi-equipped outdoor workspace, a team game room, and on-site cafe, ideal for attracting top talent. Orange County Solar has already hosted a company barbecue and enjoys the weekly rotation of food trucks. They’ve not only found a space that supports the work that they do, but also the amenities and location that make their workplace a desired destination for top talent.

Between the momentum behind solar power and the energy and effort of the Orange County Solar team, chances are good that Curcie will find his company in need of larger space in the future. With flexible lease terms and Irvine Company’s expansive portfolio, Orange County Solar is well-positioned for continued success.

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