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John Koga, Irvine Company’s VP of Planning and Design, gets right to the point with questions that many executives have been pondering for the last two years.  

And four of California’s leading experts in workplace architecture and design had answers. 

John sat down to discuss the future of the office with:

  • Anna Grayhek, Principal/Workplace Strategist, Hendy
  • Erica Zuniga, Principal, SAAIA
  • Jeanie Kim, Managing Director, LPA
  • Jaimelynn Shah, Design Director, Gensler

Watch as they share their views on the role of the workplace going forward, crafting a flexible workplace, how the workplace can build company culture, and making in-person work an experience no one wants to miss. 

“The employee experience has to be better in the office than it is at home. That’s it.”

Anna Grayhek, Principal/Workplace Strategist, Hendy

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