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In a shifting market, experience and stability can make the crucial difference in the decision to move. It’s a big reason why Terence Kirk and Nicholas Doder of Colliers and Michael Russell and John Van Rossem of Mohr Partners collaborated on a recent 48K SF deal at Irvine Towers for their mutual client. “Many landlords are trading their assets and creating unstable ownership situations,” says Kirk, executive vice president at Colliers. “Irvine Company is the most professional ownership in Orange County. We can confidently trust that they will manage this property to a Class A standard.”

Russell, managing principal at Mohr Partners, says his clients now are most interested in “incredible collaboration spaces, great dining and casual areas, easy parking, and excellent building management,” which they found in abundance at Irvine Towers. The property also features an onsite fitness center, enhanced and fully WiFi connected outdoor workspaces, and is a UL Certified Healthy Building with high-efficiency air filtration and optimal ventilation.

The deal earned the team the honor of Brokers of the Quarter for Orange County, which they agree is an innovative market that continues to thrive. The best part of the market, says Kirk, is “the enterprising commercial culture within the business community. Growth and development across all industry sectors is a foundational element of this community and it’s exciting to watch and work with businesses here.”

But all four recognize that needs are shifting. As companies continue to adjust to new workplace standards and expectations, their space needs are changing too. 

“Our clients need spaces to enable their workforces’ greatest talents,” says Doder, assistant vice president at Colliers. “Especially now, the goal is to get people excited about coming to the workplace. Ease of access, abundance of amenities, and maintaining a secure and healthy environment are all paramount in that effort.”

Just as important, says Van Rossem, managing director at Mohr Partners, is the stability an experienced building manager provides. “The professionalism that Irvine Company brings to every project is unparalleled,” he says. 

As for advice for clients who are unsure about their space needs in the coming year, Russell offers this: “Plan carefully, choose wisely. Make sure that you have a partner like Irvine Company that intends to hold the property for the next decade.”

We thank you for your fantastic work, Terence, Nicholas, Michael and John—and we congratulate you on your successes.

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