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From pop-up retail stores to restaurants, experience-driven spaces dominate design trend lists year after year. One space you’re unlikely to find on these lists, however, is a workplace conference center. Technology requirements have historically constrained what’s possible for on-site conferencing. A focus on functionality – like the ability to block out light to view a wide projector screen – means these spaces can sometimes feel dark and confined.

Irvine Company challenged our design team to rethink what’s possible in the contemporary conference center. The result are spaces that continue to meet critical functionality needs while creating new opportunities for dynamic events with indoor-outdoor connectivity. Read on for a closer look at two of our newest spaces.

The Commons at Jamboree Center

Coming in Summer 2019, The Commons at Jamboree Center will feature an expanded outdoor workspace in conjunction with the existing conference center. This additional event-ready space gives companies the flexibility to host a wider range of on-site events, which in turn translates to lower event costs and increased employee attendance. Designed with tomorrow’s conferencing needs in mind, the space includes two outdoor-rated televisions and AV equipment recessed into the pavillion wall, WiFi, speakers, heaters and electrical/USB outlets.

The Commons at UCI Research Park

As SoCal’s leading open air venue for digital exhibitions, the Commons at UCI Research Park hosts media-rich events for up to 500 people. This vibrant hub is a popular destination for entrepreneur pitch nights, product demos and networking events. Intentionally designed to stimulate movement and engagement, The Commons at UCI Research Park turns passive guests into active participants who develop meaningful connections with fellow attendees– a connection that just might spark the next big idea.

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